BR Holdings Capital Group Handling provides complete customized solutions for bulk material handling with an emphasis on loading, unloading, conveying and reclaim equipment.

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Loading Equipment includes: ship load, truck and rail-car loading.
Unloading Equipment: silo extractor (RS) and large silo dischargers (RSE rotary silo extractor). Belt Conveyers include: cascading conveyors, overland conveyors, dome reclaim systems, high angle conveyor, declining conveyors with regenerative conditions, shuttle conveyors, reversing conveyors, wire rope supported conveyors, horizontal curve conveyors, pipe conveyors. Reclaim Equipment include: rotary plow reclaiming (BD bunker discharge machine) and portal reclaiming.

Joint Venture:

BR Holdings Capital Group Handling

Overview: Joint venture partnership with Advanced Conveying Technologies (“ACT”) a 25-year-old bulk handling company.

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