Business Financing

BRH Capital can advance your business growth today, by purchasing up to $1M to 25M of its future growth sales, today! We'll pay your business upfront, then work with the percentage of your growth future sales as they occur until a pre-determined % or amount is collected.

Sometimes referred to as a business growth management advance or merchant inventory monthly cash advance, purchasing futures in advance is an amount of money paid to a business to help it grow into the quick future sales or purchases. A percentage of capital, colleteral or future Inventory sales are collected then we work monthly with percentage payment plans to help the growth financial advance of your business.


BR Holdings Capital will purchase between $ 1M to $50M inventory or future business receivables, capital and or Real-Estate.


Decisions can be made within 72 hours. All you need to do is complete our application or speak to Growth Management Associate to get started.


Your business needs to be active registered for at least 1 year and average $100,000 each month in gross sales.


• We purchase receivables from almost every industry;
• Shipping Lines, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Developers;
• Commodity Trades Buy or Sale Inventory;
• Commercial & Industrial Business.

Contact us for a list of accepted business types.

Our Success is Aligned with Your Future Success

At BR Holdings Capital, we know that prosperity is achieved by funding solutions, growth management and asset holdings stability for our clients. Our unique asset management solutions, we eliminate long application processes, quick funding returns to our qualified applicants and capital payment scheduling for future growth to our clients


We have served thousands of business owners just like you growing there business today not years from now. With the highest customer return rate in the industry – we don’t just approve our customers, they approve of us. We consistently provide the market leading MCA service and do it with a partnership touch.

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