About Us

BR Holdings of USA/BRAZIL making international commodities simple for everyone, partnerships bring unity, we are all together in this big economic global market. BR Holdings global commodities portfolio, has one of the most innovative global commodity solutions. Our mission is to help purchasing commodities without the leverage of your company, at the same time provide sustainable profitability to our customers.

Our Core

We’ve laid a solid foundation to accelerate ventures, using intelligent collaboration tools and resources that are uncommon but strong growth for a small global commodities firm, “ BR HOLIDINGS ”.

How do we know that our vision and growth foundation is rare? BRH talks frequently to Founders, Company Owners, Entrepreneurs and venture capital partners with global commodity advisors. We leverage creative insight and innovation to introduce new growth markets, products, campaigns and incubate startups.

Our Plan is profoundly simple with a growth strategy powered by development alliances with a proprietary crowdfunding strategy.

Imagine if you will, the power of crowdfunding, with its significant reach with a more resourceful approach to capital sourcing for the soft capital cost of venture incubation and development. BR Holdings commodities vision for startup development and entrepreneurship is a perfect foundation to build alliances between community financial institutions and business corporate partners.

Many global commodity banks and credit lenders are eager to augment entrepreneurship in their community as a natural way to elevate their brand.
BR Holdings has a prudent approach to grow the customers value of close relationship with the commodities and Business Partnerships International and USA.

BR Holdings Grp brings customers and Partners together allowing them to become market makers and / or market partners with a banking LC and credit ability in this partnership and as together, we fuel the launch of a new marketplace.

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Offering Sustainable Value Creation

Across 6 Major Sectors